Masters Collection

World-class chocolate creations

The Chocolate Bonbon, a miniature masterpiece created by Elias Läderach for the World Chocolate Masters 2018 in Paris, won first place in the praline category – Läderach’s area of expertise. The OrNoir Tablet was also a highlight at the world championship for the world’s best chocolatiers. After wowing Paris with these stunning creations, world champion Elias Läderach now wants to win over the hearts and taste buds of the chocolate lovers who visit the Läderach chocolateries. Discover these uniquely delicious creations!

Masters Tablet Noir Caramel
Highly aromatic dark chocolate couverture with an exotic fruit and caramel filling.

Masters Bonbon Mandarine
Classic milk and dark chocolate ganache is combined with a mandarin coulis on a crunchy base.

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